Vintage Cars Prestige Package
Vintage Cars Prestige Package
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Starting at $1000 CAD
What's Included
  • One hour of photography coverage
  • 20 high-resolution images delivered in a private, password-protected online gallery, with additional images available for purchase separately
  • Exterior body shots, wheel and tire shots, additional detailed interior shots of seats or other details such as carpets, trim, wear and tear, etc.
  • Personalized detail shots of your choice, such as car keys, modifications, window stickers, yourself in the picture, etc.
Package Description

Capturing the essence of vintage cars is something I find incredibly rewarding. Through my lens, I love to reveal the stories these wonderful machines tell, their history, and the unique details that make them so special. My Vintage Cars Prestige Package offers a unique blend of photography that celebrates these automotive classics.

With an hour of dedicated photography coverage, I'll capture the individual character of your prized vintage car. From the glossy exterior body to the intricate details of the wheels and seats, each image will be a testament to the car's prestige. Expect not just simple shots, but a visual narrative that celebrates the intricate details of your vintage car - the wear and tear, the carpets, the trim, and more.

But it doesn't stop there. I understand the personal connection you have with your car. That's why this package also includes personalized detail shots of your choice; whether it's the car keys, unique modifications, window stickers, or even you in the picture. These high-resolution images, twenty in total, will showcase your vintage car in all its glory.

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Starting at $1000 CAD
Interested in booking?
Interested in booking?
Starting at $1000 CAD
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